Getting Back To It

Hi Everyone,

I am so sorry to have left my many viewers (blank stare lol). During my time away I research a little, lived a little, and figure out a lot. Initially, I wanted my passion to meet my pocket, meaning help people, blog about it, and collect a lil coin every now and then but now I still want to do that but with more passion and professionalism. Yes I still want my passion to be my bread winner instead of a traditional 9 to 5 and I believe it is doable with a little elbow grease.
Getting Back To It isn’t just about blogging but it is desire life change of mines. I want to get back to being happy and balance. I want to get back to being healthy not just physically but mentally and emotionally. I don’t want a reason for smiling, I just want to smile. I want that child like happiness.
When I was doing my research about blogs, vlogs and branding, I also research my happiness and what it means to be happy and what kind of energy yields this emotion. Of course positive energy yield happiness but in the real world positivity is just not enough so my research went a little further. I found my positive was not a good positive my world was solely on how I made others feel. A cause and effect happiness–if I give this I will get this and things is right in world. I had to reevaluate my entire train of thoughts. I found out little things about myself that I will get into later but GBTI (Getting Back To It) is real and I think everyone at some point have to do it voluntary or involuntary.
So my GTBI is getting healthy (all aspect of healthy), living with a purpose, loving with no limitation, and blogging with life passions. May I ask what’s your?


Naturally Seen

HI Everyone,

Today, I have been thinking about procrastination and how it cause people to view you. I must admit I am a procrastinator (for some reason I believe that I do my best work at the last minute). Something about the rush just wakes me up and start the juices to flow; I can write better, I can manage my time better, I can just conquer the world (in my own head) but what actually is happening is I am disorganize, rushing with a bit of TUDE.  My question is do my work show I am a procrastinator, do I wear this armor when I am walking down the street?

Personally, I think it do. I mean all of use at one point or another look disorganize, frantic and just all over the place and you who is to blame YOU. Procrastination makes a naturally beautiful face rapidly ugly. So much comes from this one action, this one little flaw can snowball into something so big only God can help us out. So what do we do about procrastination:

1. Don’t loose your momentum (In whatever you are doing remember why is it important value the bigger picture)

2. Organize (Plan your actions carefully. Granted everything don’t go as plan but a plan can help you foresee some of these obstacle)

3. Break it Down (Yes if you have four major steps do two now and two later, it really helps)

4. Get it Done (The Most Important Tip) Just get it done!